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JBC Technologies works with numerous advanced materials to provide you with the best die cut parts for your applications – from low density open cell foam to high density closed cell sponge rubber, synthetic blankets, ceramic blankets, technical paper, cork, felt, fiber, and much more.


Our team of converting experts will work with you to find the right die cutting solution for your application. We’ll recommend materials and die cut constructions that offer the lowest total cost for you, without promoting any specific material. With our extensive die cutting expertise and inventory of materials in stock, we can uncover innovative material solutions and offer fast turnarounds, all while maintaining competitive pricing. Thanks to our strategic network of world-class suppliers, we offer custom, value-added components made with the following materials:


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Do you need to put an end to noise, vibration, and harshness? As a large volume die cutter of acoustical insulation, JBC Technologies is a one-stop solution for high-volume OEM insulation requirements. We can also service one-off custom cut needs using our digital die cutting capability. In addition, our team can produce multilayered, custom-laminated insulation including aluminum foil or peel-and-stick adhesive.

Die Cut Material


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Need to create a foil, film, or paper thermal or electric barrier? Or absorb, reflect, or dissipate heat? JBC Technologies can help with all your die cut insulation needs! We have extensive experience sourcing, die cutting, and converting many electrical insulation materials with varying mechanical and physical properties, including foils, dielectric papers and films, and flame-resistant papers such as Nomex®.



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Our team has extensive experience sourcing, die cutting, and converting thermal insulation materials with varying mechanical and physical properties to help customers reduce heat transfer in their applications. We work with a variety of material partners and can help you select the best materials for conduction, convection, and/or radiation. JBC’s premier thermal die cutting and laminating capabilities are a cost-effective solution for your business.

Roll of Die Cut Felt


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When it comes to buzz, squeak, or rattle issues, JBC Technologies can quickly process a sound solution for your dilemma. We solve interior harshness issues with precision die cut fabric offerings, including felts, flocking, and hook & loop (including VELCRO®).

Silicone Die Cutting


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For over 30 years, the JBC team has sourced, converted, and delivered custom-engineered die cut foam and sponge rubber parts that have been used in many automotive and industrial applications – from gasketing and sealing to vibration dampening and sound absorption. We can help you identify the best foam or sponge rubber material for your application based on their thickness, density, and chemical composition.



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Looking for a light-gauge aluminum heat shield? What about rolls or sheets of embossed and microperforated foil? At JBC, we offer a wide range of die cut foil and stainless steel capabilities, including laminating foil to heat activated adhesive systems, web adhesives, and non-woven insulation materials.

Die Cut Gaskets


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The JBC team strives to offer a gasket solution that provides the best form, fit, and function to achieve its intended use. Often, design constraints dictate the need for specific material properties. Other times, a wide spectrum of choices are available to achieve success. Here at JBC Technologies, we offer precision die cutting for a variety of gasket materials, including neoprene, nitrile, EPDM, silicone, PVC, and more.

Die Cut Graphite


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JBC provides die cut flexible graphite heat spreading materials for applications ranging from smart phones to industrial and automotive gaskets. Over the years, we’ve developed die cutting processes unique to graphite heat spreading materials. These practices can increase yield and provide delivery systems that reduce costs and simplify installation of several heat spreading materials.


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The TABshield patch series is JBC’s lightweight alternative to traditional metal heat shields. TABshield is easy to install, comfortable to most shapes, and is an ideal solution for a variety of targeted noise and heat suppression applications. We offer TABshield in sheets and rolls or can die cut it to your specification.


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JBC is a 3M preferred converter that offers a large selection of pressure sensitive tapes and adhesives, such as acrylic foam and double-sided tapes, medical-grade adhesives, low-cost assembly aid PSAs, EMI shielding tapes, and more. We work with many material partners to provide extensive die cut tape options for our customers.


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With die cutting equipment that ranges from high speed, tight tolerance rotary presses, to wide web presses that enable us to cut parts up to 52” long and 72” wide, JBC Technologies can die cut plastic parts of many thicknesses, sizes, and geometries. We convert plastic parts from a wide range of common plastics and specialty engineered polymers for use in many automotive, medical, electronic, and industrial applications.


At JBC, we don’t just convert flexible materials, we help manufacturers solve problems – whether that be buzz, squeak and rattle, noise, vibration and harshness, sealing out air, moisture or chemicals, or simply finding a better solution to integrate our part into your process. As our brand promise states, “we make doing business easy” – in any way we can.

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